4 March 2020

The week commencing Monday 9th March it is science week and we are learning around the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Next week we will take part in lots of different experiments and fun science investigations. The reception children will write predictions to explain what they think will happen before we take part in the rainbow eruption experiment and the nursery children will draw pictures of rainbows. We will design,create and test out waterproof capes for Red Riding Hood to wear in the rain. We will also be taking part in planting and cooking activities so that we can observe and talk about changes over time.

There will be lots of other Little Red Riding Hood and science themed activities for the children to access independently as well as all of our other areas of continuous provision. They can write using the invisible ink, explore floating and sinking, and investigate with magnets and circuits. The children are fantastic at showing love, respect and friendship towards others as they learn through their play. They continue to believe in themselves and each other, and achieve so much everyday!

On Friday 13th March it is Sport Relief! Please look out for more information on this, on the school website.

This half term we will also be learning around about Salvation in class worship.The children will learn more about the events leading up to Easter and Easter in more detail. They will learn more around the big question- why do Christians put a cross in an Easter garden?

Forest school will be on Wednesday morning and we will also change home reading books on a Wednesday too. 

PE and music continue to be on a Tuesday morning.

In phonics the Reception children are learning the phase 3 phonic sounds. This week we will learn the sounds ur, ow and oi.  They will continue to learn how to read tricky words and sentences.

Nursery will continue to develop their reading skills through song, rhyme and lots of phase 1 phonics activities and games.They are now starting to build their awareness of initial sounds which is fantastic! They have learnt more about the sounds s,a, t, p and i. This week we will learn the sound n. They will continue to play lots of games with them.

Posted by Mrs Coleman Harris

Category: Class 1