Attendance & Absence

If a student of compulsory school age is absent, every half-day absence from school has to be classified by the school, as either AUTHORISED or UNAUTHORISED.  Only school can authorise the absence, not parents. This is why information about the cause of each absence is always required

Authorised absences are mornings or afternoons away from school for a good reason such as illness or another unavoidable cause.

Unauthorised absences are those which the school does not consider reasonable and for which no permission for “leave” has been given. This includes:

  • Parents keeping children off school unnecessarily.
  • Truancy during the school day.
  • Absences which have never been properly explained.
  • Children who arrive at school too late to get a mark.
  • Parents taking children out of school for unauthorised holidays.

If you wish to take your children out of school during term time, please complete this form, and return to the school office at least 4 weeks before the first date of the proposed leave.

Leave of Absence During Term Time


Children will be marked as "Late" in the register if they arrive later than 8.45am.

Persistent lateness will be monitored. Should a student be late on three occasions within a half term then this will trigger a letter home. If persistent lateness continues, the Headteacher will become involved and actions will be taken to overcome any barriers to improve punctuality. Ultimately, continued unauthorised lateness could result in records being provided to the Local Authority which may result in Statutory Action being taken.

4.2 Procedures
  Pupils must arrive in school on each school day by:
The register for the first session will be taken at:
8:30 am
The register for the first session will close at:
8:45 am
A child will be marked as ‘L’ (late) if they arrive between these times.
8:45am - 9:00am
Children arriving after this time will be marked as ‘U’ (Unauthorised absence)
The register for the second session will be taken by:

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