Reception Phonics

The Reception children learn and develop their phonics skills through the phonics scheme Monster Phonics!

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Monster Phonics is a fun, exciting, multi-sensory approach to teaching phonics. It uses a range of engaging songs, rhymes, videos, games, stories and activities to teach phonics. The children will develop their reading and writing skills through lots of hands on activities, both indoors and outdoors! 

Across the year, the Reception children will learn the alphabet sounds s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o,c,k,ck,e,u,r,b,h,f,ff,l,ll, ss, j, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu. They will also learn the digraph (two letter sounds) and trigraph (three letter sounds) sounds ch, sh, th, th, ng, oo (long sound), ow, oa, ar, ur, air, ear, ure, ai, ee, oo and igh. 

The children will learn and become more confident at sounding out and blending (decoding) to read simple words, high frequency words, tricky words and sentences with these sounds in. We will also work hard on developing our letter formation and using our phonics skills to spell and write simple words (segmenting). 

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Click here to meet the Monsters and to learn the Monster actions!

Click here to learn the sounds and each action!

You can find out more about Monster Phonics through visiting their website or by visiting their Facebook page.

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What are we learning in phonics this week?

Have a look at the Class One Blog to find out some more about our learning in phonics! 

All of the children in Class One are going to fly like an eagle in their phonics learning this year!

Through our phonics teaching and range of reading opportunities, we aim to encourage the children to develop great determination, perseverance and a wonderful love for reading. They will all learn to believe in themselves and each other, show a positive attitude towards their learning, and achieve amazing things in phonics! They will all 'Believe and Achieve!'

Below are some links to helpful websites, activities and rhymes that will help the reception children to continue to develop their reading skills with you at home.


Nursery Phonics

In phonics, Nursery will learn more about sounds in the environment, rhythm, rhyme, oral blending, songs, stories and much more! We will focus on developing excellent Communication and Language skills through all that we do in phonics such as; vocabulary building, speaking in sentences, understanding words and sentences, and active listening skills. They will take part in lots of exciting, hands on activities to help them learn more, both in the indoor and outdoor environment.

Here are some ideas and activities for the nursery children to use with you at home, that will support their reading and communication and language development.

Have fun!