St Mary’s Church of England Primary School Colton, is part of The Small Schools Multi Academy Trust.

Financial Accounts to August 2018 can be found here.  Further financial accouts can be found here.

The Trust has a Governing body, called Directors

Directors come from the local community of the school's within the Trust, as elected parent Directors, staff Directors, community Directors and Local Authority representatives.

To find out more about our individual Directors, as well as the other layers of governance at The Small Schools Multi Academy Trust, please click here.

What do Directors do?

The Directors are responsible for working strategically with the school to ensure that it delivers high quality education and other opportunities for children in both schools. They work with the Headteacher, who is responsible for day-to-day management, to set the school's aims and policies and to monitor all aspects of school life. 

'The directors and challenge in equal measure. They have a wealth of skills and expertise to call upon. They have a clear understanding of their statutory functions and responsibilities. The well-being of pupils and staff is at the centre of their work. They are committed and enthusiastic about their work. Through regular meetings, the directors track the impact of developments across the school and the progress the pupils are making. Directors check out what they have been told by visiting the school to see for themselves. They share your vision and ambition for the school.' Ofsted inspection May 2018

Directors have three main roles:

To provide strategic direction for the MAT and the schools within it

To act as a critical friend to the CEO

To ensure accountability

They also carry out a number of other important duties, which include:

Determining how the budget is spent

The appointing and dismissing of staff

Hearing appeals and grievances

Forming policy on the curriculum and collective worship

Setting standards for pupils' behaviour and discipline

Making sure school buildings are welcoming and safe

Setting and monitoring the MAT's aims and policies

The role of the school director is demanding but very rewarding and is a good way to give back to your local community.

The Chair of Directors can be contacted through the and copies of the Directors meetings are available here 

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