“If the child is unable to adjust to the needs of the school, then the school must adjust to meet the needs of the child.”

We have taken this statement as a focus for our school improvement here at St Mary’s. As a small, rural school we have become increasingly aware that not all children are ready to meet the social and intellectual demands of school life. Research shows that a child is able to learn best when they have strong self-esteem, a sense of belonging and resilience. We are in the process of changing our curriculum, outlook and vision to provide focused intervention which addresses barriers to learning arising from social or emotional difficulties. 

The outcomes will be..

  • To achieve stability with behaviour and attitudes to learning.
  • To significantly reduce the impact of key learners’ behaviour on others within the school and beyond (family life).
  • To significantly reduce the number of significant incidents, internal isolations and exclusions.
  • To improve attendance.
  • To address children’s lack of progress academically, emotionally and socially
  • To increase children’s confidence, self-esteem, attainment, and love for learning and schoo
  • For more information on what we do why not come and have a look. 

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